Specialized Fairs of congress 

Upon ever-increasing growth in civil, architecture, urban development and environment for finding cheapest and most secure methods, nowadays businessmen and consumers think the fair as best possible way in this regard.

Tehran province with capital of Tehran is located in 34 to 36.5 degrees northen and 50 to 53 degrees eastern length in the area of about 18814 square kilometers. This province is confined to Mazandaran province in north, Qom province in South, Markazi province in south western, Alborz province in west and Semnan province in east. Tehran is capital of Iran and is the biggest city of country and it is recognized as administrative, trading, political, industrial, cultural and disciplinary pole of Iran. Tehran is considered as the first Industrial city in Iran due to having many holding and big industrial plants. It is considered as the most important immigration city of country due to being industrialized and having many job opportunities. Tehran has the first rank of tower construction among Iran cities. This city is considered as the cradle of Iran investing due to absorbing big capital of private and foreign sector. Therefore Tehran has been recognized as noteworthy market for the persons involved in construction, architecture and urban development all over the world which welcome many services in civil, architecture and urban development all over the world for many years. In this regard, the persons and companies related to civil, architecture, urban development all over the country focus on profitable Tehran market.

Specialized fairs of 6th.National Congress on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Development undertakes to be a good platform for participants, organizational and companies so they can recognize the available opportunities in market and the persons seeking services could find best, most proper and high quality providers of these services and establish required connections with him.

All person throughout the country who seek entering the profitable Tehran markets are invited to attend this specialized fair and international conference


Describing the services of fairs

  • Allocating booth with space frame
  • Putting name and details of company in book and conference site
  • Lightening
  • Granting letter of appreciation by president of conference to participants
  • Issuing a free card of attending in conference and fair
  • Allocating three invitation card for visiting fair to each booth
  • Full pack of conference for two persons
  • Standard booth for fair
  • Lodgment of information and answering unit in entry of main gate of conference and fair


  • Placing and choosing booth is possible upon temporal priority in registration and concluding contract.
  • Announcing readiness for partnership will be considered as irrevocable only after paying all costs
  • Time for terminating booth arrangement will be one day before fair opening
  • Time of removing booth will be one day after fair

Participant Commodity Groups


Commodity group


Commodity group


Architecture, decoration, façade, landscaping, lighting


Operating banks


Constructional Advisors, contractors, supervisors


Insurance companies


Constructional tools, equipment and machineries


Floor coating (ceramic, tile, parquetted, etc.)


Constructional industries of water, wastewater, gas


Scientific, research, educational and laboratory centers


Hygienic tools, equipment, porcelain


Related scientific poles and councils


Municipalities, companies involved in urban development


Housing cooperative, councils, assemblies


Ceiling and wall coatings and pre-fabricated parts


Publications, software and informatics centers


Tunnel, dam, road, drainage, irrigation


Lifts and elevators


Pre-fabricated houses




New technologies in civil, architecture, urbanization and environment


Constructional fittings (lock, knob, etc.)


Wastewater treatment systems


Electrical and electronic tools and equipment


Door, window, glass and related machineries


Electrical engines, curtain


Constructional rocks


Automatic gate


Pipe and fittings


Work and safety tools and equipment


Paint, glue, concrete and materials additives, acoustic and thermal insulation


Other related industries and products


Visitor groups

It is expected that this gathering as the biggest, most valid and most disciplined annual scientific, research and executive gathering in civil, architecture, urbanization and environment in the Middle east in Iran  attracts more than 3500 participants and visitors. Meanwhile, specialized and involved ones in civil, architecture, urban development and environment of Iran and world will be the other visitors of this gathering so seek establishing national and international cooperation in these areas. Also the following work groups will attend in this conference and fair.

  • All ministries, organs, organizations, governmental and non-governmental organs in civil, architecture, urban development and environment
  • Financial organs such as banks, credit institutes and insurance companies
  • Designing, constructing, and equipment supplying companies
  • All legislative and policy-making organs in civil, architecture, urban development and environment
  • Professors, graduates, university students, researchers in civil, architecture, urban development and environment
  • Experts and elites in civil, architecture, urban development and environment
  • Universities, research and study bases in Iran and world
  • Companies of providing support and maintenance services, safety and standardization
  • All domestic and international companies, organs, guild unions, organizations, institutes active in producing, transferring, managing and optimizing
  • Employers and contractors
  • Municipalities and companies involved in urban development
  • Domestic and foreign Architects and designers  
  • Traders and distributors
  • Producers of materials and machineries
  • Involved ones in building in international level
  • Organizations and services sector
  • Scientific Poles and forums in country and world

Important Dates



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3rd Congress Gallery

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