Outstanding Characteristics of 6th. Congress 

6th.National Congress on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Development as the biggest, most valid and most disciplined annual scientific, research and executive gathering in civil, architecture, urbanization and environment in the Middle east in Iran and Shahid Behehshti Tehran University intents to provide the ground for sustainable development of Iran and clarify comprehensive map in urban sustainable development upon benefiting the past experiences and achievements and gathering of professors, experts and manager.

Some of outstanding characteristics of fourth conference are announced as follow:

- Explaining comprehensive map in urban sustainable development

- More than 100 participant universities, institutes, assemblies, research centers and companies

- Localizing the experiences of modern countries in urban sustainable development

- Attendance of more than 10 keynote speakers and international professors from well-known universities of world such as Italy

- Separate specialized panels related to civil, architecture, urbanization and environment

- Participating of more than 3500 persons of activists in civil, architecture, urban development environment of world including academics, experts, policy makers, directors, university students, related and competent organizations, consulting engineers, specialists and contractors

- 22 central speeches

- Free publishing of conference elected papers in one of several authentic journals of ISI, and research and specialized supporting the conference without need for reviewing

- Issuing international certificate of conference upon partnership of well-known academies of world which holds security hologram and raised seal and specialized identification code like previous conferences which can be inquired at any time by mentioned code via system for certificate authenticity in conference site

- Possibility of early reviewing upon request within 10 days and possibility of attending the conference as two types of attendance and non-attendance like previous conferences

- Granting Statuette and letter of appreciation of conference

- Granting cash valuable rewards to 11 top papers

- Continuous attendance of industry representatives in conference


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