Photography competition 


Call for competition

Call for international photography competition based on civil, architecture, urban sustainable development and environment

Concurrent with holding 6th.National Congress on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Development, a photography competition will be held with the same topic in place of holding conference.

Hereby all interested ones, artists, professional and non-professional photographers are invited to send the photos related to above subjects by 24 Jan. 2019 via user control panel to secretariat of conference.

Manner of sending works

All interest ones should first send their desired photo in standard size, at last 5 Mb via user control panel.

The sent photos to secretariat will be examined by team of professional photography reviewers and their results will be announced later.

The owners of accepted works should take action for paying the cost and final registration in the competition after announcing the results.

All conference services to paper presenters and other participants will be given to the owners of the accepted works in the competition of photography.

Competition rules:

The taken photos with manual cameras or cell phones are accepted too.

The competition will be held in two types of professional and non-professional.

The photos should not be edited or manually or software amended.

Amateur and non-amateur photos will be reviewed in separated committees.

The accepted works by professional team of photography will be published as follow:

Gallery of accepted photos in CD with mentioning the name and identification of photo holder and distributing it in conference packs

Displaying top photos via displayers of conference hall as slide show with mentioning the name of owner

Allocating [art of conference hall to published accepted photos and public displaying the images as atelier with mentioning the identification of work owner

Publishing top images together with name and identification of owners in conference website

Certificate of presenting and publishing work in conference will be given  to the accepted works and apart from certificate of presentation, letter of appreciation and valuable prizes will be given to top works announced by board of reviewers.

Registration fee

  • Registering in photography competition is like registering of paper presenters.
  • If the participant has paper in conference too, send and registering photo follows the rules of sending another paper and paper registration will be done with full fee.
  • If the participant is accompanying of paper presenter and has accepted photo, he shall pay full fee for registering his photo and for registering papers and receiving its certificate, he can use the tariff of accompanying of paper presenter.
  • If the participant has more than one accepted work in the competition, the registration fee for first work is full and the remaining works will be like tariff of more than one paper.

Sending works

All interest ones should first send their desired photo in standard size, at last 5 Mb via user control panel. In this regard, they shall first create an account in site (personal control panel) and then enter then account and send their work via menu of participating in photography competition.



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